The Road to the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics Games

A Year To Remember

 John, Makayla, and Janiesia of Full Throttle Track & Field Club located in Stafford, Virginia, have advanced to compete in the AAU Junior Olympics Games in Des Moines, Iowa from July 30th to August 4th. These athletes have had an amazing season and have reached numerous  milestones to be proud of:

John (age 8) is ranked 1st in the Region for the 800m run and achieved a personal record of 2:51. He is  also ranked 4th in the 1500m run, and 5th in the 400m dash. 

Makayla (age 12) is ranked 1st in the Region and achieved a personal record of  59-07 feet in the turbo javelin. She also ranks 2nd in the 1500m race  walk and achieved a personal record of 9:49. She was previously #1 in the 100m and 200m dash, but due to an injury she was placed in these  alternate events.

Janiesia (age 12) is ranked 3rd in the Region  and achieved a personal record of 3:00 in the 800m run. She also ranks 6th in the 1500m race walk and achieved a personal record of 10:24.  

As student athletes, John, Makayla, and Janiesia have also passed to the  next grade level with A’s and B’s. This is a true testament of their  hard work and dedication to both academics and sports. We truly believe they have worked hard and deserve the opportunity to compete in Iowa in multiple events. 

A Step Closer

We are asking for donations to help these outstanding athletes with travel expenses. The goal is to raise $2100. I know money may be tight, but anything honestly would help. Thanks in advance for your donation and your well wishes.